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In Hinojosa Abogados we are experts in bank claims and legal proceedings against banks and we have more than 15 years of experience.

Claim your rights against bank abuses, which are becoming more and more frequent.

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Mortgage expenses

Sometimes the bank may charge you abusive mortgage expenses that can be claimed.

Revolving Cards

Revolving cards are cards that have the so-called usurious credit applied to them. Their interest rates are very high and illegal.

Preferred Shares

They are classified as a risky product, because the chances of losing the money invested are high.

Floor Clauses

This clause means that although the variable interest rate is lower, the consumer cannot benefit from this reduction in their installments.

Multicurrency Mortgages

These mortgages are dangerous because when they are issued in foreign currency, their installments vary according to the exchange rate of the currency.

Swaps or Swaptions

In high amounts, the payment of negative settlements may represent a significant risk for the client. Talk to us.

Request for dation in payment

In this operation, a mortgaged property is given to the bank in exchange for the cancellation of the entire outstanding debt.


Our lawyers are in charge of paralyzing any auction or foreclosure process. Contact with us.

Foreclosures and evictions

In our law firm we are in charge of requesting and managing the suspension of the launching in the eviction.

We defend your financial rights with experience and knowledge.

Why do we specialize in Bank Claims?

In Hinojosa Abogados we have expert banking lawyers with a great knowledge in financial and banking law who are dedicated solely to provide advice and defense to clients who have legal problems of a financial nature with the bank as a result of having been deceived by the entity making them sign abusive banking clauses such as mortgage floor clauses, revolving cards, abusive interest loans, preferential participations, loans with multi-currency option, structured products, etc.

What we do in the first place is to negotiate with the different banks, either through extra judicial or judicial channels, always trying to obtain through the pertinent claims a compensation that is as favorable as possible for our client.

If we believe that there may be a breach of the law and regulations relating to banking transparency and we also detect clear evidence of banking malpractice, in our law firm we make ourselves available to the client to begin the claim process.

Our firm is a reference in banking law procedures, obtaining multiple favorable rulings in this type of procedures, where our clients have been harmed by the bad practices of the banking entities.

We solve your doubts

Probably because you were a victim of the multiple abuses of the banks signing some abusive clause, buying preferential or subordinated shares or acquiring structured bonds, or because you applied for a revolving card without being aware of its usurious interests or because you bought a house and its clauses have an abusive character such as the IRPH that can and should be claimed.

In Hinojosa Abogados we help you to claim your money in an efficient way. We specialise in banking and financial law

Firstly, we will study your specific case through the documentation you have in order to confirm the abusive nature of all or some of the clauses of the contract you have signed due to a lack of information from the bank.

Secondly, we will inform you about the best options when it comes to approaching the process.
We will take all the necessary actions, from negotiation with the bank, consultancy or claim to the different banks that have breached any rule or law of banking law.

We will always work in a strict and transparent manner, applying the code of ethics at all times.

We are committed to the culture of effort and excellence and we are committed to rigorous compliance with ethical standards.

Our way of proceeding and our understanding of law and the law mean that more and more clients are choosing to hire the services of our banking law firm in Cordoba, with the aim of claiming their rights in the event of an injustice or specific contingency.

Our three pillars are knowledge, transparency and proximity.

The offices of Hinojosa Abogados in Cordoba are located at Calle Cruz Conde, nº 11 – 3D. If you would like to visit us, you can park in the Edaco car park at Conde de Robledo, 6, 3 minutes from the office.

If you need to contact us, you can do so by emailing info@hinojosaabogados.es or by calling 957 101 443.

Although this is a process that you could do yourself, we recommend that you do not do it. Always do it through a lawyer.

First try to collect as much documentation as possible related to the alleged abuse by the institution. Then make an appointment and come and talk to us. We will advise you on your options and how to proceed.

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