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San Pedro de Alcantara


We are a law firm in San Pedro de Alcantara founded by Antonio Hinojosa Carnerero, a lawyer member of the Cordoba Bar Association with more than 15 years of experience in the legal profession.

At Hinojosa Abogados we offer a wide range of professional legal services to individuals, freelancers and companies with a common goal: to achieve the best results for our clients. We understand that each case is different and requires a unique approach and solutions.

We work on criminal law, commercial law, civil law, banking law, etc.

We will listen to you, we will pay special attention to your situation and we will defend your interests with all the experience we have acquired during all the years we have been working. The offices of Hinojosa Abogados in San Pedro de Alcantara are located at Avenida Marqués del Duero, 76, 3D. 

Legal areas of our
law firm in San Pedro de Alcantara

Banking Law

Claim your rights against the constant abuses of the banks, which are becoming more and more frequent.

Civil Law

We work on all types of procedures such as breach of contract, claims, etc.

Family Law

Mediations, divorces, custody, etc. We offer comprehensive services in family law.

Labor Law

Unfair dismissals, negotiations with the company, severance payments, etc. We have great labor lawyers.

Criminal Law

We are always prepared for urgent actions in the field of criminal law.

Commercial Law

We give consultancy and service to companies for any situation that requires legal services.

We also have a law firm in Cordoba

What are the principles of Hinojosa Abogados?

Our law firm in San Pedro de Alcantara is formed by excellent professionals, all of them with a wide experience and a high level of commitment and dedication. We are committed to creating a culture of aspiration and excellence and making compliance with strict ethical standards our banner.

The way we approach and understand the legal profession makes more and more clients decide to hire our law firm in San Pedro de Alcántara to face injustices or specific emergencies. Claim your rights.


and transparency


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Methodology of the law firm in San Pedro de Alcantara

Our work method is carried out in three separate processes, in which we are in continuous communication with our clients to keep them informed about the legal procedure. This methodology is the result of more than 15 years of experience, which has allowed us to adapt to offer the best service to our clients.

Initial consultation with the client


Negotiation and out-of-court settlement

What are the advantages of hiring our firm?

Extensive experience

In recognition of our more than ten years of experience as lawyers in San Pedro de Alcantara.

Availability and immediacy

Because of our immediate response capacity. We are always at your service.

We are in continuous training

We are continually training in the latest developments in legislation and law.

How much does a lawyer in San Pedro de Alcantara cost?

We cannot talk about specific prices or rates, since one of the main advantages of working with us is that we provide personalized legal assistance, case by case, for the specific and different needs of each client.

We invite you to contact our law firm in San Pedro de Alcantara for an initial consultation and an individual analysis of your case.

What our Clients say about us…

We strive to offer the best legal advice and representation, and your opinions are fundamental to our growth and success.

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