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The office of Antonio Hinojosa has great professionals in family law with extensive experience in this legal area, having carried out numerous processes and negotiations with great success.

These are our main legal services specialized in family law.

Divorces and Separations

We advise and represent you in divorce and separation proceedings, always trying the amicable way.

Custody and
parent-child measures

The issue of children and custody is very important and therefore it is necessary to handle it with tact, sensitivity and the greatest possible rigor.

Inheritance and wills

We help you to draft and manage both inheritances and wills to avoid family problems that may arise.

We offer legal services in family law

In Hinojosa Abogados we provide specialized legal services in family law and matrimonial law, being experts in matters that fall under this legal area such as separations, custody, inheritance and wills, etc.

In our team, in addition to lawyers, we have professionals and qualified technicians such as solicitors, experts, investigators and other required profiles necessary for the development of a judicial process.

We solve your doubts

When you are involved in a conflict with family members (siblings, parents, children, etc.) or in a marital problem that requires a judicial resolution or a signed agreement.

Firstly by studying your specific case through the documentation available to you so that we can ensure that we can work on your case to ensure a successful defence.

Secondly, we will inform you about which is the best option when it comes to approaching the process.

We will take all necessary actions, from negotiating with the other party to filing and defending the claim.

We will always work in a strict and transparent manner, applying the code of ethics at all times.

We are committed to the culture of effort and excellence and we are committed to rigorous compliance with ethical standards.

Our way of proceeding and our understanding of law and the law mean that more and more clients are choosing to hire the services of our banking law firm in Cordoba, with the aim of claiming their rights in the event of an injustice or specific contingency.

Our three pillars are knowledge, transparency and proximity.

The offices of Hinojosa Abogados in Cordoba are located at Calle Cruz Conde, nº 11 – 3D. If you want to visit us, you can park in the Edaco car park at Conde de Robledo, 6, 3 minutes from the office.

If you need to contact us, you can do so by emailing info@hinojosaabogados.es or by calling 957 101 443

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