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Advice on Dismissals

Labour lawyers, experts in dismissals, guaranteeing fairness and legality for companies and workers.

EREs and ERTEs

Process EREs and ERTEs efficiently with our labour lawyers. Expert advice for your company.

Workmen's Compensation

If you are facing unjust actions, our employment lawyers can assist you in obtaining the workers' compensation you deserve.

Sick leave due to occupational illness

Employment lawyers specialising in sick leave due to occupational illness derived from your professional activity.

Settlement Management

Accurate legal services for the management of severance payments, ensuring fairness for employees and companies

Harassment at work

Against harassment at work, assistance from labour lawyers to protect you and resolve the situation.

Why are we Employment Lawyers in Cordoba and San Pedro de Alcantara?

At Hinojosa Abogados, we are employment lawyers specialising in labour law, with extensive experience in a variety of employment matters such as unfair dismissals, labour negotiations, management of severance payments, compensation claims and advice on work-related sick leave.

As expert employment lawyers in Cordoba and San Pedro de Alcantara, we have an in-depth understanding of employment law, including the Workers’ Statute and the latest employment reforms.

Our team includes not only specialised lawyers, but also a multidisciplinary group of professionals, such as solicitors, experts, private investigators and other experts essential for the success of legal proceedings and negotiations.

We solve your doubts

If you are involved in a labour dispute, either as an employee with your company or as an employer with your workers, it is not always necessary to go directly to court. It is essential to first try to reach an agreement through mediation, facilitated by the labour lawyers of all parties involved.

Our employment lawyers in Cordoba and San Pedro de Alcantara are fully at your service to assist you in this process.

First, we start with a comprehensive study of your particular case, thoroughly reviewing all the documentation you can provide. This allows us to assess the viability of your situation and plan a successful defence strategy.

We will then provide you with detailed advice on the most favourable options for your case, guiding you through every step of the legal process. This personalised guidance is key to making informed decisions that safeguard your interests throughout the employment dispute.

We are committed to taking all necessary actions to defend your rights, from initiating conciliatory negotiations with the other party to, if necessary, formally filing a lawsuit and defending it in court. Our approach is comprehensive, ranging from dialogue to legal action.

At all times, our work is governed by strict compliance with the code of ethics, ensuring transparent and fair legal practice. Professional ethics is the cornerstone of our services as employment lawyers in Cordoba and San Pedro de Alcantara, ensuring that your case is handled with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

We are committed to the culture of effort and excellence and we are committed to rigorous compliance with ethical standards.

Our way of proceeding and our understanding of law and the law mean that more and more clients are choosing to hire the services of our banking law firm in Cordoba, with the aim of claiming their rights in the event of an injustice or specific contingency.

Our three pillars are knowledge, transparency and proximity.

The offices of Hinojosa Abogados in Cordoba are located at Calle Cruz Conde, nº 11 – 3D. If you want to visit us, you can park in the Edaco car park at Conde de Robledo, 6, 3 minutes from the office.

If you need to contact us, you can do so by emailing info@hinojosaabogados.es or by calling 957 101 443

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